using powerful health & wellbeing insights, bloommi helps you get a clear understanding of your workforce and define the right employee benefits strategy

let's do this together

a refreshingly different approach: evidence-driven strategy

Using unique analytic tools, we can give you meaningful data to bridge the gap
between your employee benefits insurance and a successful health & wellbeing
strategy. The result: positive health, productive workplaces.

improve employee engagement

Our experts know that engagement means more than a few clicks in an app - understanding psychology and behaviour change is key to boosting productivity

improve employee resilience

Meeting challenges successfully means building resilience at every level: individual → team → organisation

reduce employee turnover

the average cost of replacing an employee is £30k. Don’t lose talent to a competitor

reduce sickness absence

Businesses are losing 33.6 days per employee each year from sickness absence and presenteeism

The way to workplace wellbeing in 5 steps

our approach is simple

Employee Benefits Broking

manage premiums, maximise value

workplace health & Wellbeing Strategy

Successful strategy doesn't have to be complicated - simplify and codify to get results

Absence Management

measure and manage sickness absence where it counts

Internal Benefits Comms

ensure that benefits are communicated and used to their full capacity

Staff Surveys

get to know your workforce through powerful science-backed insights.

Employee Value Proposition

gain insight and effect positive-health behaviour change

Audit your total employee benefits package

getting the most out of your employee benefits package doesn't have to be complicated