the way to workplace wellbeing: employee benefits backed by science

a step-by-step roadmap to workplace wellbeing

Not just employee benefits insurance: a complete workplace health & wellbeing solution

employee benefits broking

manage premiums, maximise value

Workplace Health & wellbeing strategy

Successful strategy doesn't have to be complicated: simplify, codify & amplify results

absence management

measure meaningfully, manage effectively, minimize losses

internal benefits comms

ensure that benefits are properly communicated and fully used

staff surveys

get to know your workforce through powerful science-based insights

employee productivity

cultvating positive and healthy working conditions to enable employees to perform at their most capable

employee retention

reduce intention to leave triggers by creating an environment where employees feel valued. reducing employee turnover and being an attractive employer to work for

employee resilience

enables employees to be supported and facilitated by organizations to positively cope, adapt, and even thrive in response to dynamic and challenging environments

employee engagement

enabling the right conditions for all members of an organisation to give of their best each day, committed to their organisation's goals and values, motivated to contribute to organisational success, with an enhanced sense of their own well-being.

get the most out of employee benefits insurance policies

don’t waste budget on benefits that aren’t laser focused on the needs of your workforce, and your business

measure what matters

without an accurate measure of the physical, psychological, social and financial elements of an employee’s health, it’s impossible to enact positive programmes that drive real change

improve productivity

employee engagement isn’t just a buzz-phrase. take simple and effective steps towards healthier and happier employees

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employee benefits broking

Everything. We take a completely unique approach to employee benefits – using our insights toolkit to give you data about your workforce, that helps drive your insurance decisions.

We wrap it all together with robust health & wellbeing strategy, and help you communicate it all effectively with your colleagues. 

We’re not a fan of special arrangements with insurers (ahem, read marketing ploys). In our experience, these arrangements typically provide cosmetic benefits, and aren’t critical to your policy or your workforce.

We pride ourselves on being truly independent, with no ‘promises’ to insurers for certain amounts of business.

We do, however, take into account every little bit of your current arrangements.

The data we create together with you and your workforce, puts us in a much stronger position to negotiate with insurers.

This is our bread and butter. We start from the basis that we do employee benefits broking exceptionally, every time. With that, we ensure there are no gaps or breaks in cover when switching insurers or brokers.

We’ve brought a modern, digital, and simple approach to employee benefits broking. We give you access to a dedicated inbox, and project management tool, so we can keep each other informed on all stages of the relationship with each other – the way things should be.

workplace health & wellbeing

That’s great! 

We love working with Clients that are already on their journey with workplace health & wellbeing.

We typically look at around 50 points of health & wellbeing data, and we can review existing data if you have it.

Getting an understanding of the modifiable health risks facing your organisation is one thing, using it to drive your employee benefits management decisions is another.

We apprecciate that, and we’ve factored it into our model.

We recognise that most organisations will not be recording the measurements we look at when assessing the health & wellbeing of their workforce.

As such, we typically start the data gathering phase 3-6 months after renewal, and it’s been built using modern, easy-to-use tools.

It’s an on-going process, and we don’t rush it.

We use anonymised data.

Please ask us for a copy of our privacy policy.

we can demonstrate return on investment for your benefits strategy

let us show you how we ensure accountability